Carefully crafted and highly effective, these powerhouse facial therapies are designed to strengthen, repair and condition the skin to achieve your best skin health.

Skin Renewal

Hydrate and plump with this lactic peel and infusion.
A perfect solution for dry and dehydrated skin.


Intense Radiance

Nourish your skin and nurture your mind as we infuse a blend of actives into the skin with our jade facial rollers. This deeply relaxing, anti-ageing tool promotes a smooth, youthful appearance and restores calm to the body.


Pigment Punch

Combat pesky pigment and breathe new life into a tired
dull complexion with our advanced pigment blocking mask and infusion.


Skin Diva

Just like a big drink for the skin, this hydrabrasion exfoliation has the added benefit of a sonophoresis infusion, dramatically increasing penetration of active ingredients.


Age Defy

Our ultimate powerhouse facial. Utilising Vitamin A in its most powerful form this gentle peel and mask combo is perfect for any skin type.


Gua Sha Goddess

Experience the ancient chinese healing ritual of Gua Sha. Feel your energy move as the jade stones glide over your skin, increasing blood circulation. Deeply hydrating, with the added benefit of LED, this is the ultimate in relaxation.