Skin Workout - 50min

Improve your skins texture and condition it for more advanced therapies with our high performance skin workouts. Carefully crafted and highly effective, these advanced treatments are truly a bespoke experience, customised to you and your specific concerns. Through our specialised Skin Consultation, we help you understand your skin and what needs to be done to achieve your desired results. 

We will treat skin concerns such as:

Dry and Damaged 

Sun Damage and Pigmentation

Anti- Ageing 


Teenage Problem Skin

Redness and Sensitivity


Double Up 

add $40 

After your first skin workout we will recommend a series of upgrades to take your transformation to the next level.

This 2 step process is designed to target specific concerns. We may combine modalities such as sonophoresis deep cleanse and 3 phase infusion, hydrobrasion, double exfoliation and peel to deliver real and visible results.